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Steel Building Sellers Reclamation Information

Reclamation Sellers:

About Steel or Metal Buildings to be removed or demolished & recycled.

Steel is worth about $350 per ton (2000#).

Steel buildings weigh around 5# - 6# psf. to give you a quick check as to the scrap steel value to them.

So 20,000 sq.ft., 100x200x20 weighs about 120,000# = scrap value @ 60 Tons x $350 = $21,000 ($1.05 psf).

It sells new for about $140,000 @ $7 psf, (Smaller Sell @ $8 - $10 psf).

If we can pick them up for around $2.50 psf disassembled and loaded.

ADD our Cost of Engineering if required @ $3,000 - $6,000

ADD our Cost of Shipping 40,000# @ $2.75/Mile

We can Sell for $4 - $5 psf and still give the Buyer the best Deal.

To complete your request for us to advertise your reclamation steel metal building on our website.

First, please, fill out our Sellers Form

Second, please email us your pictures and electronic engineering plans, if available, in (.pdf) format
or take pictures of your plans and email them.

Email to:

Attention: Rick Safko

If you need any assitance, please feel free to call us.